Udaan – Unfurl The Spirit
(7th & 8th November)
 Institute of Rural Management Anand
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What is life but a quest? Assimilating lessons from life and putting them to use at the right time. Talaash, a two day long online treasure hunt, will necessitate contestants to invoke years of accumulated knowledge, in all its forms and varieties, keep a keen eye for details and bring together the best of their MBA knowledge to best this high voltage cat-and-mouse game.
Talaashis an online puzzle (or you can say an online treasure hunt) with different levels. The difficulty of the levels depends on person to person. The objective of the participant should not be only to crack the level but also to do it fast (by hook or crook) to gain the lead or to remain competitive.
Talaash has been extended till 6th November, 11:59 PM! Click  here to join the action.
Online Events

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- Talaash, the online treasure hunt, will be a one-round online event.
- The link to the contest will be available on dare2compete.com and UDAAN ’15 website.
- As participants solve each question, access to the next questions will be provided.
- Clues may be present anywhere on the page. It can even be found in the URL of the page, its source code, image name, etc.
- Google and Wikipedia may come in handy.
- Clues will be present in the discussions forum from time to time, as and when the going gets too tough.
- The two teams completing the treasure hunt in the shortest period of time shall be declared the winner and runner-up.

Rules of Round

1) The event is open all students.
2) This is a lone wolf event i.e. only one participant.
3) Multiple participants from the same institute are allowed.
4) Decisions regarding matters of authenticity and final judgment shall rest with the organising committee.
5) Decision of the organizers will be final and binding on all participants.
6) Disclosing clues or answers on the discussions page or anywhere in public shall lead to automatic disqualification.
7) The hunt involves getting to the next level by whatever means necessary.
8) There are mainly 3 ways by which you can get across levels
- Entering the answer in the text box
- Changing the URL in the address bar
- Clicking on various objects on the page
9) Answers are not case sensitive.
10) In case the answer contains more than one word, please include spaces. We try to cover most possible answers to a level, but do try out different combinations of answers if we might have missed some out some (To err is Human!!!). Answers with multiple words will contain a space between them, so do take care of the same.
11) The format and structure of the event is subject to change before its actual commencement.

The game has been extended till 6th Nov 11:59 PM. Register now to take the lead.



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