Udaan – Unfurl The Spirit
(7th & 8th November)
 Institute of Rural Management Anand
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Underground Authority

Prepare your mind to take a vitalizing UDAAN this season, for a rhythmic encounter with the renowned band ‘Underground Authority’. Tapping feet and dancing souls will rule the night at IRMA campus, as the nationally acclaimed Alternative Rap Rock band captivates the audience with its soulful performances. Underground Authority was formed in April 2010 in Kolkata, and till date continues to mesmerize its listeners with an entirely new-fangled genre of music. The band encompasses a unique identity in the roll of Indian bands, with its music that embraces a twist of ‘Protest Poetry’. They are known for their original compositions that always portray a message with a political inclination. The song compositions boast socio-political messages and Anti-capitalism agenda in their song lyrics, which have fetched their share of popularity in the Indian audience. Underground authority proudly swears by the quote “Music to express and not impress.”

Band Performance by Underground Authority | Udaan