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Compassionate Kozhikode
Compassionate Kozhikode is an initiative by the District Administration of Kozhikode, to celebrate the innate goodness in every person. It reaches out to create a platform that brings recognition to individuals who lead a life of compassion, spreading kindness and joy for others around. Compassionate Kozhikode believes that every individual is capable of compassion and love for others. The initiative of Compassionate Kozhikode strives to nurture this love, to magnify and multiply it. The idea that drives Compassionate Kozhikode is its mission that will unite people share the feeling of 'Mohabbat' and thereby create a living paradise on earth. CK firmly believes that a compassionate approach can work wonders is making this world free from the vices of violence and hostility, that have kept the society in its strong clutches. Compassionate Kozhikode promotes the culture of sharing. No initiative can see the light of success, till the time it rules the hearts and souls of people it is meant for. CK has adopted a number of initiatives to create an authentic and inspirational destination for compassionate individuals to live and invite people to visit and be part of their lives and experiences. The initiatives to create a ‘compassionate destination’ can come to life, only with a sound support from volunteers and donors. At IRMA, we strongly believe in compassionate living and its vitality in the society. We encounter compassion and kindness each day, and therefore, truly appreciate the cause being promoted by Compassionate Kozhikode. IRMA strongly supports the initiative, with a hope it captures the hearts of individuals from around to globe, and transforms the society and its people for a better and a happier tomorrow.
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