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NEETI SUTRA – A Call to Policy Makers
"Be the change you want to see in the world." – Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi
Have your experiences with the status of implementation of public policies in the country left a bad taste in your mouth and an indomitable desire for change? Do you believe that you have it in you to set things right, if only you were better placed to do so? In a life beset by a myriad of public policy loopholes, Neeti Sutra grants you the opportunity to fix one such particularly conspicuous issue that has been of some inconvenience to you in the past.
ASMANJAS – The Case Study Event

Registrations Closed !

Round 1 – Online Public Policy and Programs Quiz

1) This would be a preliminary elimination round prior to the actual on-campus event wherein teams would be required to sit for an online quiz related to various public policies and programs effective in India.
2) Questions would span policies and programs which are currently in effect as well as those which have since been subsumed under some of the incumbent policies.
3) There will be 30 questions in total bearing one mark each. There will be no negative for wrongly answered questions. Needless to say, unanswered questions will not be fetching any marks.
4) Top five teams from the preliminary round would be invited to compete in the final round to be held on 8th November, 2015, at IRMA campus.

Round 2 – On-campus Public Policy Presentation

1) Top five teams from the prelims would be competing in the NeetiSutra playoffs.
2) Each team would be required to identify a critical gap in one of the various public policies in India from their own experience and prepare a context-based caselet out of the same, sighting experiential scenarios. The team should be able to justify why they feel that covering the extant loopholes in the system is crucial, and thereby bring out the urgency of the situation.
3) Thereafter, the teams would be required to devise a solution to fill up the identified gaps and either suggest upgrades to the policy or formulate an entirely new policy to replace the existing one. Teams should be able to elucidate how their solution is more robust and holistic than the policy in question.
4) The deliverable would be a presentation detailing the two preceding points. Teams would be presenting their solution live in front of a judging panel.
5) Teams would be judged on the following aspects.
6) How well they have presented their case, including the articulation of the policy issue and putting it to context.
7) How pertinent their identified issue is in the current context. In other words, finding loopholes in obscure policies that hardly effect anyone would not be considered relevant enough to warrant an immediate solution.
8) How effective their solution is, including how successful it is in covering the identified loopholes and what are the chances of a relapse even after its implementation.
9) The duration of the presentation should not exceed 10 minutes in total. This would be followed by a 5 minute-long question and answer session by the judging panel.
Rules of Round 1 & 2

1) This event is open to business and post-graduate students only.
2) Each team can have a maximum of two members.
3) The participants from a single team should belong to the same institute.
4) Any number of teams can participate from one institute.
5) Duration of the quiz will be 30 minutes with 30 questions.
6) The decision of the organising committee of Neeti Sutra shall be final and binding on all participating teams.
7) Decisions regarding matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgment shall rest with the organising committee of Neeti Sutra.
8) While targeting policy loopholes that are too generically known is not advised, if the participating team can defend its stand and establish a personal encounter with the same, the entry would still be considered.
9) In case of tie, the quiz completion time of the respective teams will be the deciding factor.

Round 1: 8th November 2015



Neeti Sutra – Prizes
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