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NARANPUR EXPRESS – The Livelihoods Game
"Remember Red, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies" – The Shawshank Redemption
Hope is sometimes the only asset the rural poor has and survival, their only motto.

Naranpur express, a simulation game developed by the faculty of IRMA, is based on the Naranpur village in Sabarkantha district (Gujarat). Set in a rural backdrop, it takes the participants through the most important facets of decision-making and problem-solving a rural household has to experience every day. The decision-making process of the small and marginal farmers, the influence of the decisions taken by large farmers on the fortunes of small farmers and landless labourers, and the effects of interventions such as IRDP, MNREGA, etc form the crux of Naranpur Express. Challenges posed by issues related to risk management, resource allocation, information asymmetry and ethical dilemmas of a rural household have been incorporated in the game.

Do you think you can fit into the shoes of a rural farmer of Naranpur? Only that he might not have a pair.
NARANPUR EXPRESS – The Livelihoods Game | Udaan

Registration Closed !

Round 1: Online Elimination Round
- You will be provided with 3-5 scenarios of shocks/vulnerabilities faced by the rural poor
- Prepare short notes (within 250 words) on the coping strategies you would employ in each situation
- The deliverables will be scrutinized by the judges and teams will be
Round 2: On-campus Simulation Game
- Maximum of 20 teams shall be selected for Round 2
- Each team would represent a rural household with a defined net worth of assets
-The objective of each team would be to maximize the net worth of their assets while meeting the subsistence requirements of the household
Rules and Regulations

- The event is open to all the B-School students
- Each team shall comprise two members
- The team members need not belong to the same institute
- Any number of teams can participate from one institute
- A student cannot be a part of more than one team
- A detailed set of rules and player’s manual for the simulation game shall be shared with the Round 2 participants
- The decisions of the organizing committee of UDAAN will be final and binding on all the participants
- The format and structure of events is subject to change at any time priorto the commencement of the events, the details of which would be communicated accordingly

19th Oct 2015 . Registrations Closed.



Naranpur Express – Prizes
Interested in art prizes but not sure where to start, or how to give your work that winning edge? Come along to hear from an event organiser, judge and art prize winner for some insider hints and tips and ask those burning questions you have always wondered about
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